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Hi chaps I have ditched my race motor as you know and have now got a ABF block thanks to the awsum guys at Platnuim.
 I am using my old box and clutch for now as it was all new and ok, will fit the mk3 cable shift box later.
 I have fitted a new cambelt and tentioner..... ouch the tensioner was $330  :o :o I got it for $170 from Partmaster god bless them.
 The crank sensor wire was all cracked and broken but i luckily had one that Bsting had given me ;) thanks Bsting.
 Ok now i need to know  a few things
 1 Does the ECU i have have the immobilizer in it? Its a Siemens 037 906 024 ae or maybe its a 5wp4 167. I hope it dosen't have the immobilizer or I'm stuffed i think :P
 2 How do i power up the ecu? i have split the loom down to the wires that come from the ECU and go to the engine. I have been very careful to leave the wires that go up to the dash and hopefully the VagCom plug. I am not fitting a mk 3 dash so i dont really need the wires but i may fit one later.
 I will use my existing loom to feed the oil light, temp.... is that all?
 I will use a mk 3 alt so i got to work that out as well :P
 3 does anybody know how to make the crank water pump and alt pulleys all work? As i dont have A/C or P/S I have a real problem getting this to all work. i know i just have to find the right link to somebody who has done it on VW vortex or something, any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly received.

according to this guy (see link), post 1993 you will have the immobiliser, and your ecu was in 1995 cars

I guess you have seen this guide before?

The guy who runs can, I think, recode the equivalent audi ecus to delete the immobiliser.  I'm guessing he could do the same to the VW digifant version, but it would mean sending the ecu to the UK

Here is another option:

Are you running the ABF fuel injection or do you just have the block and running carbs or is it a hybrid system?


--- Quote from: AngleBox on July 25, 2008, 12:09:11 pm ---Are you running the ABF fuel injection or do you just have the block and running carbs or is it a hybrid system?

--- End quote ---

sounds like he wants to use the digifant ecu ............

80 Vert:
It will have an IMMO, if you can get the key reader and the key you will be sweet. Otherwise you may have to wire in the scan port so that a key can be coded to the ECU, bit more stuffing around but perfectly doable.


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