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2002 Allroad Suspension Replacement
« on: April 10, 2011, 04:15:55 pm »
Just wanted to let the forum know that I have finally solved my 2002 allroad suspension issues. previously I had replaced the front struts with one expensive Audi strut $1500 and one from Arnotts in the US- about 1/2 this price. After storing the vehicle for 2 years (we travelled)  it had now started to fault on the level sensors.

Benn there done this with a Range Rover and its not a set of faults you want pay for. Each new sensor costs about $250 and you need a minimum of 2. What bothered me was the rear suspension was down, not the front., Plus the level sensors on the lights were faulting. Maybe it was the computer. Guestimate on repair costs- maybe $1000, maybe $2000, maybe $4000........

Sigh, mechanics seem to want to solve all of the computer issues first and then look at the actual problem. (No rear suspension.)

After wasting weeks of time I decided to bite the bullet and convert the Air to Coils. A quick email to the US and I could have the parts for $1100 US (on special) a full kit four corners. $360 USD for freight (ouch) and some GST on the way in. One week later and the units arrived.

My mechanic by now had got his nose out of joint as I had done this myself and seemed too booked up to get the work done. Despite having had the car for 2 weeks while we were overseas and not solving the problem.

So some suspension guys I found on trademe in Takanini did the work in 4 hours ., Arnotts give you full instructions including disconnecting the pesky computer (another item the mechanic thought was faulty- he was probably right but that's another $1500 plus labour to fit.

So what was the result- Bilstein shocks are very good and I now have a great set and a car that will never have suspension issues again. It sits on the road beautifully and is now reliable for a vehicle with 200k on the clock.  Yes I have lost the air suspension but that is a small price to pay for a great car back on the road again.

I did lose my mechanic and that is a real pity as he had been great to work with.

On  another point if anyone wants a nearly new set of front shocks for a 2001-2007 (I think) allroad I know where some are going cheap. Very low Kms.


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Re: 2002 Allroad Suspension Replacement
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2012, 01:25:23 pm »
do you still have these?