Author Topic: Partmaster had it right..... Polo CV joints.  (Read 1551 times)

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Partmaster had it right..... Polo CV joints.
« on: June 12, 2012, 08:49:26 pm »
Went to get a cv boot for a 2004 polo at Partmaster and the boot listed for it was a split side boot with little plastic pegs holding it together.
 We kinda laughed at it and I didn't get it saying I would use one of my stretchy universal boots.
 Now why would they suggest a boot like that?
 Because they have made such a crap job of the cv you can't get the thing apart without ruining the pathetic thread they have given you, they actually reduce the end size by about half making a tiny crapty little thread poke out the end and then a weird stupid one way bolt that you have to replace to do the job properly.
 So I finally do get the totally corroded cv out but the end thread is stuffed. Normally not the end of the world you just buy a whole new CV big deal Partmaster have the VW ones cheap. Nope they didn't :P Giltrap want $305 and from singapore.
 So will try and get the thread fixed tomorow.

 So people if you get a cv like this with that horrid little thread, don't be like me who usually has to have the car ready at the end of the day even if it does cost a little more.....
 I think pretty much all polo CVs are seized from factory so you have to take two days to do this job.
 Take bolt off, spray lubricant on shaft and from the back of the CV as well, leave overnight. Get a heat gun and heat the hub. You can get it pretty hot as the brakes can heat that area up quite a bit. Get a properly fitting puller and try to press it out. You can't really hit that thread at all (But you always do in the beginning because you don't know its seized till you munt the stupid thing ::).

 Anyway after all that has failed smash the stupid thing out and try to repair the thread or get a new one in a few days..... ::)

 Oh well the Cambelt was easy enough I guess though why they use two belts and all those stupid different size tensioners not to mention sprung tensioners is beyond me.
 Car had done 91kms and the belt was badly cracked, small bearing getting a bit rough. Water pump was fine but I replaced it as you do, plastic with plastic.

 Hope this helps any Polo owners with split CV boots, just use the stitch up boot from Partmaster and leave the whole craparoo stuck together till the CV starts creaking and then make sure you have a replacement before you do the job. :P :)
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Re: Partmaster had it right..... Polo CV joints.
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2012, 04:25:48 pm »
36 views so you must be interested.........

 So I got a new CV from Repco for $80 same listing as a Bighorn ??? Was a bit worried as the plastic ABS ring didn't clip on the same and I thought it mite spin around on the CV. So I cleaned it all up and used super glue.
 I had to remove the whole driveshaft and hub in one and hammer out the old CV.
 And the hubs are those stupid clamp onto the shock type, no bolts, no adjustment ::) Have to hammer the crap out of them to get them off and then hammer them back on with a wedge jammed in the back.
 BUT make sure you don't hammer the area around the hole! because you end up smearing the hub over the hole a bit and the stupid shock is not fitted till it sits slightly proud of the bottom of the hole god damn it ::) ::) Hammer a bit further in.
 Munter work on delicate little cars :o Why don't they just bolt em on like the always have? Too easy I guess.
 Oh yea and have fun getting the ABS plug off with the tang that snaps off and is the wrong way to pry with a screwdriver.
 The plastic ABS ring was very hard and tenacious getting off the CV too.
 I charged 3 hours to do all that as it was supposed to be a CV boot which is $30 and a Hour.
 I'm too nice. If I only worked on VWs I would go broke.
 I charged 2.5 for the cambelt job as that is what the book says pretty much, you have to be professional.
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Re: Partmaster had it right..... Polo CV joints.
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2012, 04:45:28 pm »
Hey Jem, for the hub removal and assembly on the strut/shock, I think this tool would have helped a lot...

But I ended up snapping a 8mm spanner in two and using the shaft to spread the clamp bit... it chewed up that bit of the hub cos of the broken end (shoudl really have smoothed it out a bit but didn't have the right tool to do that at the time) but it worked a treat and it's cheaper too haha... ::)
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Re: Partmaster had it right..... Polo CV joints.
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2012, 05:24:02 pm »
Nice tool. I just hammered a cold chisel in there....but of course because that tang slides up the gap it ends up leaving no room for even that tool I bet right at the end.
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