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What car do you have?


Modifications and plans?

Photos as well.

(dont know why we never set this up earlier in the Mk1 section)

My VW Golf GTI Mk1 1980.

This is the first car I purchased, I got it while I was in High School in around 1997?
It is a rare car, it is a cross over from the little light model to the bigger light model.
This car has from factory, light rear lights, later factory plastic bumpers, 5 speed Gearbox but the older dash etc.

Anyway here is the spec:

*   1781cc 8v EV motor (from MK2 Golf GTI)
*   Ported and polished (hydraulic) head
*   Schrick 288 cam
*   Balanced and blueprinted
*   Lightened flywheel
*   K&N air filter
*   Larger throttle body
*   2.5" exhaust
*   5 speed FD close ratio gearbox
*   Patec coilovers with adjustable damping
*   OMP lower strut-brace
*   Sparco upper strut-brace
*   Momo Corse 78 steering wheel
*   Momo  race seats
*   Harness
*   Rollcage
*   Racing Hart CP 035 alloys/factory 9 spoke 13's/15' Momo Stars/16' Momo Stars
*   Mintex pads
*   Bee Sting aerial

Well, I've had mine for a year and a half now and I rescued it from the scrap heap it was heading towards. I looked at a few Mk1 GTIs and even some Mk2s, but this was the one that 'spoke to me'. It was basically saying "Save me".  8)

It's an August 1982 1800 GTI - So big bumper big light combo. Sold originally in the UK and imported to NZ in '84, I'm the 3rd owner.   
Factory Schwarz black with black and grey interior.

Currently sporting some 'temporary' flat black paint and other notable mods include:
- Becker stereo
- H&R Cup suspension (Febi-Bilstein top mounts up front)
- Stainless exhaust
- Custom lower front X brace, built by 80 Vert
- 'Missing Link' weighted short shifter
- '80s aftermarket sunroof
- Aftermarket Pirelli P Slots with Pirelli P7s.

Plans are to keep driving it lots and slowly restoring back to period original, doing as much as possible myself.

I've had this for a couple of years, 1983 NZ new, 110k
Before this I had a UK import mars red GTI cab for about 7 years.
It's got some Nuespeed and GTi Engineering bits on it but is other wise standard.

Not sure about long term plans, Thinking about some 15" ATS cups and dropping it a bit.

Maddie, 83 gti 1800, 5 speed. Diamond Copper Brown Metallic (LP8Y), apparently a uber rare color. NZ seemed to get gold, silver and bronze cars around this time, as a few bronze mk1 convertibles around.

Got her from filx a while back, before that ex Gannaway Mk1 hoard. Always amazed at how well she drives, the cars must have been a revelation in the early 80s. Just hit 190k. Running pretty stock, bar spax lowering springs (only about 30mm), and 15 inch corrado steeles. Have fixed the mfa, new genuine headlights, oil cooler, valve guides, and had the drivers bolster repaired.

Plans....considering puttin on the zender 3 piece spoiler, but means drilling holes...


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