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Options for NZ new 2006 Audi A6
« on: September 07, 2013, 05:46:38 pm »
Hi folks

Assuming it passes the inspection, I'll soon be owning my first Audi - an NZ new 2006 Audi s-line A6 V8. >:D
It currently has (I think) MMI 2G High (it has the central console and colour screen) but without factory navigation installed. :(

I want to add the following set of features:
USB drive/SD card support (MP3/WMA/AAC, etc.) with full central screen integration (i.e. files, tracks, playlist browsing, etc.)
Bluetooth hands free support for an iPhone with full central screen integration
Dock for holding and charging the iPhone (I gather you can get ones which replace the ashtray)
Navigation, reversing camera, and maybe DVD playback (if possible) :-*

Reading various forums and watching youtube videos, there seems to be a plethora of options such as OEM ipod, Bluetooth, and GPS Nav units, various 3rd party units e.g. Dension gateway 500s, some people mention MMI 3g refits, and some recommend whole replacement head units!  :o

Going with factory options that work in with what I already have rather than duplicating controls seems cleanest and wisest but this is all pretty new to me! :)

So, Id be interested in drawing on the the collected wisdom and experience here about the best ways (there are obviously more than one) of achieving the above and the various trade-offs and possible prices involved.