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Passat & CC Owners - Your cars please

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What car do you have?


Modifications and plans?

Photos as well.

Pretty quiet in here..
This is my 06 Passat. 3.2 V6. Got it pretty cheap and wasn't expecting perfection. Didn't get it either.
These cars are amazing for the money, have tidied it up and its a bloody nice car. Has 19" Audi wheels and a RCD510 but otherwise standard. Fully specced.

Mines in this thread,28784.0.html

2008 Passat 2.0 TDi, Comfortline, Grey. Got it cheap needs a bit of body work done but mechanically she runs great.

Hey guys,

I've got a 1993 Passat 16V sedan with adjustable coilovers and 18inch Touareg mags with 205/35 R18 tires.
Unfortunately the car is in Germany, it's not allowed to import my baby.


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