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What Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle do you have?


Modifications and plans?

Photos as well.

VW LT35 camper 2005
2.5 TDI
Ex Maui rental.
Mods - camper interior!
Future plans to refit some internal cupboards, insulate it and tint the windows. Other than that its staying as it is.

This is a Quiet thread!

So i'll share a picture of my new ride.

2012 Amarok, Highline
All 132kw of diesel power, hardly a quick car but chugs alone nicely with the 8 speed auto, Tows well and handy for taking crap to the dump
Goes well off road and drives like a big car on road so pretty happy.

No plans to do any mods

audi s4v8:
2018 Volkswagen Amarok V6 3lTDI highline 8speed Auto.
Starlight Blue.. awesome power, I'm coming from a audi s4 v8 and this ute is more fun and throws you in the seat better too!
its been fitted with a smoke black stone guard. i am going to get side rail steps fitted and canyon bar with a lid fitted soon

gti vr6:
2014 4M HL


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