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over heating a8,4.2
« on: March 10, 2015, 08:19:05 am »
Hi i have a v8 a8(1998) and it keeps getting hot.i had a new radiator fitted,as it had a leak but it was still hot,i then had a new water pump put in as well as cambelt job plus new thermo,got it back and shes still hot.checked the electric fan,and had that replaced too.........still hot,also had to put in new valve cover gaskets too..grrr.The car has no leaks and isnt losing coolant ,and theres no water in the oil.Its been at GAL(company who did the work)for at least 4 weeks till i went and got it gets hot even if driving at 100 k on the motorway,soon as it gets slightly over 90 ill bung on the heater...1 click which holds it at temp,however somtimes it dosent get past 90,most of the time it does though.i have had all sorts of coments best being audis do go over 90, rs4 doesnt nor did an a6 and an s4 i had.any thoughts? i have heard that the electric fan has varible speed controlled by a censor somewhere,when the censor gets dirty(overflow of rain water due to blokes in drainage holes) it gives faulty readings causeing the fan to not run at correct speed? Any ideas would be great as this so far has cost a lot.