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Following the demise of Convo of the Play Store,  I finally got around to installing tapatalk but get a  'get_config Network'  error message when trying to connect to The logo comes up and shows a trending discussion "Mk4 locking problems"

I can connect to VWVortex and others happily.

It used to work okay with VASK, but hasn't for me for a while now.

the phantom:
I deleted tapatalk when they did an upgrade and VASK stopped working, just check VASK on the PC now

Message from Scott (OOOO) after fixing the malware issue on the site:

--- Quote ---If you used to use Tapatalk then it will no longer work. This was the original source of the infection. Later versions may be OK but for now will play safe before reinstalling the mod
--- End quote ---

How is Tapatalk security these days. Any chance we can give it a go again?


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