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I've just bought my dream car, but it needs a lot of work so this will be my build thread - once I get the car home!!
It was previously owned by VASK member Wilco (Steve) in Taupo.

As I'm a writer for Auto Clique (now my build thread will live there - hence the watermarks - but I'll duplicate it here :)

Update: AutoClique forums no longer exist, which is where the images linked from, so I'll find the ones I can elsewhere and edit my posts.

Build articles live here:

It has many rust holes.

Looks good, love the colour combo!  Cant wait to see the thread progress

Awesome! Whats the first plan of attack (once youve got the car home)?

Vehicle mover is booked and paid for - just need to wait for them to sort it out now :)

First job will be to move the Skoda to the car port then clear out my garage a bit to make space.
Then I'll start to strip the car, bag and label everything, take photos etc.
It's going to need it to get a proper idea of how bad the rust really is.
I have to admit I'm feeling somewhat daunted by the prospect as I'm pretty much a self taught mechanic :D
I have a mate who's an ex-mechanic to call on when I'm stuck and several people have already offered help, advice and parts, which is awesome as this will be a learning experience.

This needs to be done on as tight a budget as possible but it needs to be done right.

I want to drive this car, so I'm determined that it won't be in bits too long (let's see how that works out!!)

ah,actually rob,i can see the ashtray in the passenger footwell....


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