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2001 Audi RS4 Avus Silver

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le mans:
Prompted by Ash, Iím going to put together a little history of my RS4 like I have for my RS2.

I bought it in November 2007 from CCS with 47,222km (according to carjam records).

le mans:
Jan 2008
Getting it dusty on a drive to Tauranga:

le mans:
May 2008
Old Te Aroha Rd:

le mans:
Oct 2008
After owning a rather special B5 1.8TQ for a number of years, I was very impressed with the RS4s engine, but quite underwhelmed by the chassis. So after some research I bought a set of these from the US. They werenít hugely expensive at the time but they go for around 700USD these days:

I have to say it made a massive difference to the roll control and general sharpness of the steering and handling.

Around this time I had the car remapped for the first time. This made it rather more rapid, more due to torque rather than max power.

le mans:
Nov 2008

I drove it like I stole it. My first ever track day (organised by Greg Spark aka Audidude):

Yes sacrilege I know to take a nice car on the track and yes no one will want to bye it off me (I'm keeping it forever anyway), but man lots of fun and you learn so much about driving and car control. And i figure if the car doesnít break on the track it wonít break anywhere. Plausible?


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