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Front strut insert (shock) dimensions
« on: December 18, 2016, 12:12:43 pm »
Hi there,

I was hoping someone may be able to advise me the dimensions of a front shock insert for a Mk1 golf (or even an old one lying around). I am looking at options for a BMW E21 race car project. I know it is probably sacrilege for BMW person to be on the forum, so I apologise for that! :-) but I have had a Mk 1 Golf LS back in the UK and an 89 SEAT Ibiza crono...which I loved!

I have seen references to the Mk1 shock being the same diameter but a couple of inches shorter which would be quite useful. If I could find an online dimension reference that would of course be incredibly helpful, as there aren't really many off the shelf items that suit my project.

Many thanks