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Off road VW builds
« on: April 04, 2017, 03:30:07 pm »
A comment about air cooled VW's not getting stuck very easily in one of the other threads made me think of the 2 beetle based vehicles my dad built.
First there is the frog
Built on a shortened beetle chassis. This was a welding project, so the whole body is pretty much made of square tubing and steel plates. He built it in 1980. It's still going, albeit with a new engine about 2 years ago. I think it was a new 1600 long block from Mexico (I might be wrong)
It's fitted with a 75% LSD and the longer axles from a kombi. This this will go places many 4x4 vehicles can only dream of. I learned to drive in the thing
It's called the frog because, even if you are stuck in a hole you thought you could never get out of, you could just rev it up and drop the clutch, causing the suspension to "contract" in the rear and the car would literally jump out of the hole.

Then there is the more traditional beach buggy.
Full beetle chassis, bucket seats. Loves sand dunes and beaches. Same 75% LSD setup

Anyone else got some cool old off road themed VW builds?
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