Author Topic: stubborn bolt - 2004 tiptronic B6 S4 crankshaft position / engine speed sensor  (Read 297 times)

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So VCDS has thrown up the dreaded error code for the engine speed sensor on my 2004 tiptronic B6 S4.

I've managed to work out how to get to the retaining bolt - I'm coming at it from above so have removed the coolant reservoir pushed aside some wiring. I can see that it's a #5 allen bolt (rather than the 10mm hex bolt that some seem to have).

The problem is that this allen bolt is being stubborn as hell. I'm wondering if it could have corroded and seized / chemically welded to the gearbox case?

Generally a good healthy whack should help but it's tight in there and I'm not sure what damage I might do?

Appreciate any thoughts people might have.