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Corrado values
« on: July 05, 2017, 03:32:16 pm »
Hi all. New to here and new to New Zealand.
I am a vdub lover and amongst others, I used to own a corrado. I knew there weren't many kicking about here anymore (I sold a de-badged grill to someone and sent it from UK and he told me they're like hens teeth in this country). Low and behold a black corrado popped up outside my front door and the garage is working on it to sell.
I'm really wanting to buy it but looking for thoughts on values. From what I can see, she's a bit rough around the edges and a 2.0 16v. Main question is, are these things worth lots due to the rarity or is the fact they are an arse to get parts for a big turn off and de-valuer? Is there a group of people waiting for one of these to come up for sale or is no one interested anymore? All these forums seem pretty dead, especially around the corrados.

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Re: Corrado values
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 05:07:15 pm »
There's a nice one for sale with an R32 engine in it, new paint etc etc
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Re: Corrado values
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2017, 12:11:35 pm »
Saw the white one in Greenlane the other day with the **747 plate. Looked great.

Yes rare only a handfull around as several written off in the last 5 years. Was a good article on them in one of the local car mags a while back. If you have contacts in the uk that will be a good source for unique bits if required. Price...turnover is low its hard to say. Have seen some standard ones listed in the last couple of years either side of $8-10k, but dont know if they were sold, or for how much, a couple were listed for ages.

Best to see what they want and work from there? Willing seller and byer and all that. Good luck.
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Re: Corrado values
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2017, 05:58:08 pm »
There's never been huge demand or even awareness of them in NZ so I'd have thought it's a buyers market, especially if its a bit rough.

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Re: Corrado values
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2017, 09:25:19 pm »
Low and behold a black corrado popped up outside my front door and the garage is working on it to sell.

See, I would take that as a sign from above that it's time you were a Corrado owner again and would be negotiating the purchase price with said garage! I have had many Sciroccos over the years (I still have my 1992 mk2) and really like Corrados.

I have a couple of unusual VW/Audis brought with from the UK and you soon learn when looking for bits that:

a) a lot of VAG mechanical parts are common amongst a lot of VAG cars (this applies to older as well as newer cars), so you get good at searching the internet based on the actual part number not model name. Sellers describing parts as for a Corrado will apply a markup over the same part when described as for a Golf/Jetta. (I find this especially with certain parts for my Nissan Figaro which are actually generic Micra bits). I cannot imagine you will have any difficulty sourcing wear & tear Corrado mechanicals.
b) Ebay is your friend - TradeMe/NZ dealers may not be. I can quite often get genuine parts (or parts made by OE suppliers) shipped from Europe cheaper than I can buy the same part (often a poorer quality pattern copy) here in NZ. It's nonsensical at times. For example, complete Contitech (OEM) cambelt, tensioner & water pump kits for both my Audi A2 and VW Lupo from Ebay Europe at $210 and $175 incl p&p respectively (yes dollars, have converted from Euro). NZ quoted price - $800 for the Audi and $600 for the Lupo - that's $1000 difference. Plus if buying in NZ, about a month wait for them to arrive & I would then have to drive to Auckland to collect). This despite both cars using the same engines as other Audis and VWs which were sold new in NZ in fair quantities - so should be available off the shelf. It's all in a model name. The NZ dollar is strong against the GBP/Euro compared to when I emigrated which also helps with Ebay purchases. If it's really heavy (say a full set of brake discs) and shipping will therefore be costly I will buy here, but smaller stuff is no real biggy if you're not in an extreme hurry for it. Even then, it's often here within 10 days and I live rural NZ. If you have family in UK willing to forward things on, you can even buy from sellers who will not ship internationally & quite often Ebay UK sellers offer free/cheap UK p&p in any case, so it's not much more expensive even though it's being posted twice.

The real killer as far as Corrado spares are concerned I would think is going to be things like body panels (too big/fragile to ship from overseas cost effectively) or any unique interior trim items which may be obsolete. These may pop up at high price on Ebay Germany/UK if new old stock or you may require a donor car in an overseas breakers yard - and a breaker that's willing to part out & ship. If I remember rightly the Corrado dashboard  & switchgear is from a Type B3/4 Passat. Again, join an online Corrado owners club and you'll soon see what's compatible between VAG models.

If it's in good nick bodywise and is being sold with a fresh wof from a respectable garage I cannot imagine you'll struggle unduly to keep a Corrado on the road in NZ for several years to come.