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Passat Wagon Guidance
« on: September 02, 2017, 07:00:48 pm »
Hey all,

New here, but hoping for some advice. With the expanded family we need an extra car to complement our MK4 Golf hatch which has been a trusty beast for over 200k kms now. I’ve been looking at the 2006-2008 Passats with interest as they have a bit more room and seem like bang for buck.

Looks like there are the 2 litre Turbos and V6 options with 4motion avail. Any recommendations of which to steer clear of? Generally I buy my cars and run them to the ground, so looking for something that won’t cause too much grief. Are the 2 litre TFSI’s o.k? Would there be much difference between a 2006 model and 2008 that would be worth worrying about?
Any help or pointers much appreciated.