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BWA top end failure
« on: October 19, 2017, 10:16:08 pm »
Hey guys and gals,
I've got a Vrs octavia but a BWA problem, and this section seems to be a bit more popular, so thought I'd post here... here's the story...
Engine management light came on last week. Car was running fine through the rev range, though there had been a slight shudder at idle, so I suspected coil packs. Took it to the skoda shop in wellington. The diagnostic showed a misfire, but coils, leads, and plugs were fine. They ran a compression test, and number 1 cylinder was low at about 7 to 1 :-\ .
They said most likely carbon buildup on the intake valve seats which is apparently common on direct injection if not driven hard (which I do  >:D ), and they wanted to pull the head off. At this point I was starting to feel like this was going to get expensive.
Once they took the rocker cover off though, they found a lifter and rocker on no2 cylinder intake valve had broken off, and had apparently been bouncing around the head for god knows how long. They were amazed that the car was still running fine when I drove it in.

So I'm trying to gauge my options...
They seem to want to put a new head in. I think the head seems fine, and they should just put a new rocker and lifter in and the car should run (should run better than before). It would still not solve the issue of the low compression on the no1 cylinder. Their other suggestion is a second hand engine, with a labour estimate of $2k, plus I still need to source the engine.

All options are expensive... wondering if there is a better independent euro place in wellington, as I feel the big guys are just trying to sell me stuff. They won't even let me speak to the mechanic directly.

Fun and games...

They sent me a few photos which I'll try and upload tomorrow.


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Re: BWA top end failure
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2017, 12:38:47 pm »
if the lifter and rocker is off, then assume there are damage to the cam and valve as well?
neiher option is cheap anyway but with second hand engine, you can do the chain tensioner during the swap (if your original one hasn't done)

Even if you speak to the mechanic directly, you will get the same answer. beside... while you speaking to him, he is clocking on someone's job