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Audi A4 (B7 3.2) steering shake

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Imraan Ali:
Hi new member

Needed some help with my Audi A4

I have a steering shake between 80-100km. Steering and front seats and even rear seats shake. Have done wheel alignment, wheel balance, rotated tyres, new shocks, New control arm bushes, New tyres and problem still is not going away. Super frustrating. All of the above is due to going to various workshops who have advised me to replace all the above. Serious $$$ spent and its still there. Audi told me slight bent in my wheels but arrow wheels said they are fine  :( :(.

Need some advice please guys and can I borrow some wheels for couple of hours to test if my wheels are truly stuffed??

Help please

the phantom:
check your inner cv joints

80 Vert:
Yep inner CV's worn

Imraan Ali:
Okay will check them again. Apparently Audi checked them and said no issues but will get them seen to again. Thanks

I'm getting a similar vibration in my B6 A4. I haven't gone through the checklist of obvious faults yet, but this advice is good to know.

Planning to -
- balance the wheels
- check wheels for buckles
- check steering alignment
- inspect suspension components
- check for warped brake rotors
and also
- inner CV joints


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