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AUDI A8 - 2011 - Gearbox Coolant Valve
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:21:09 pm »
I have a 2011 Audi A8 4.2 Litre Diesel with 66,125 km on the speedo as at October of 2017.
This was a UK import with 8,136 km when I purchased it from the Corporate Cars in May 2013. The car has been great until October 2017 when the engine started running rough, I thought I had a timing chain or valve lifter noise.

Continental Cars carried out an inspection and advised that the Coolant Valve on the Gearbox had leaked and the Wiring looms have had Coolant injected into the wiring loom under pressure. The failure of the Coolant Valve resulted in two wiring looms being damaged and quite possibly the computers attached to those wiring looms.
I requested a repair quote from Continental Cars.

The repair quote was for $56,074.60 (2 wiring harness =  $44,128 + 2 Valves = $737 + labour = $11.208 ).

The cost of new computers has not been covered in the repair quote above.

This repair estimate is about the market value of my car. So my luxury top of the line 6-year-old Audi A8 is now worth nothing.

I have been in touch with AUDI Germany and they are still deliberating after three months.

I undertook a considerable amount of research online to try and establish if this was a one-off event or something much bigger.

1) I found reference to the issue I had on the ROSS-TECH Wiki site. Reference No. P2755, (please google it ............very interesting)

2)  This information led me to National Highway Transport Safety Authority...NHTSA ID: 16V619000, .............................a product recall for the US and Canadian markets on all Audi A8's manufactured between May 2010 and May 2012. 

There were 9.067 cars recalled in USA and Canada in August 2016 of which 7192 cars were remedied.  (google it)

Audi Germany has said via their various agents they will not consider any vehicles older than 5 years old and European Motor Distributors (NZ) has advised that the recall was only for select VIN numbers in the USA and Canadian markets.

My view is that the issues identified in the USA and Canada are exactly the same issues and symptoms that I have with my vehicle, so I fail to see how they come up with certain VIN numbers.

The NHTSA Recall Notice states that the defect rate was likely to be 100%.

My view is that I should not be responsible for the repair of a product that is damaged due to a faulty component utilised at the time of manufacture.

The recall issued in the USA and Canada should have been issued WORLDWIDE for all AUDI A8 cars manufactured between May 2010 and May 2012. 

Having read in detail all the various recall notices, I suggest that this is a much bigger problem that extends to more cars in the Audi range than just the AUDI A8's. 

See link to Recall Notice:

Who else in NZ or Australia has had a similar issue?

So consider carefully whether you want to invest in a luxury high-end AUDI where the manufacturer won't support their product. 
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