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RCD330+ OEM Camera Connection
« on: January 21, 2018, 12:39:42 pm »
Hi guys

I'm still having trouble with this so thought I'd start a new thread and share what I've learnt with others on the same mission. Maybe the group intelligence will get it solved...

My goal is to retain the factory camera with dynamic trajectory. If possible...

Car is a 2009 Passat R36 wagon ex-Japan.

I have the crngiar Android Auto RCD330+ head unit. HW:534. SW: 5515 pre-installed.

Everything on the head unit works as it should except I get an error message when selecting reverse that the "rear view" camera system is currently unavailable. A few seconds later park pilot activates on the screen and works as it should.

With the rear tail gate open I just get park pilot - no error message, no camera. So the system is correctly detecting the tailgate is open.

I've tried installing one of those ebay / aliexpress 26 pin RGB-CVBS converters but no good. Today just to be certain I had wired it correctly I tapped the yellow wire (back/reverse) into the reverse light (previously it was just constant 12V) but still no dice. I'm getting +12V at red, have tested ground, and was getting +12v at the reverse/back wire.

So I decided to pull the rear panel off the tailgate and take a look at the camera wiring which is where things get interesting. There are 6 wires coming off the tailgate handle:

2x black with their own harness - presumably for the tailgate latch.

4x coming off the camera:

red and black to their own harness. I measured 6V across these wires when reverse is selected (tailgate up) and nothing when in Park.

yellow and black to a shielded coax-style connector (grey with purple in photo)

So this is not an RGB output then?! But rather looks like coax? Anyone familiar with this?

It raises a couple of questions:

Where do the dynamic trajectory lines get added? They obviously need steering wheel input and then get overlaid. CANbus function?

More interestingly - if it's a coax output, does the factory setup then convert this to RGB somewhere before outputting it to the 26-pin connector? Why?

And if so I would be able, theoretically, to connect a coax cable with RCA connector to these two wires and plug it straight into the RCD330+ RCA-in albeit without trajectory lines?

Also, there should be no reason why the RGB-CVBS converter doesn't work as surely it is just taking the video signal from the 26-pin connector and converting it? Unless that connector also needs some sort of input to let it know it's connected to a headunit before it outputs a signal?

Anyone able to share their experiences or shed any light on any of these questions?

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Re: RCD330+ OEM Camera Connection
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2018, 01:04:28 pm »
Notice this "OEM" RGB camera on ebay has 4 pins outputting the camera signal - presumably RGB and Sync? Very strange mine only has the two wires.

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Re: RCD330+ OEM Camera Connection
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2018, 03:27:53 pm »
More info:

I pulled the camera out of the handle housing to get the part number. It is 3C9 980 551. It has 6 pins on the back but only 4 are used by the plug connecting to it.

See Amazon:

Also this diagram is useful:

It is looking like the camera itself is, in fact, a composite video output (having searched the part numbers for the handle and the camera on google and found oem replacements for sale with these part numbers stating composite video and same number of wires) and the control unit is likely what converts it to RGB and adds the trajectory lines. So on that basis, the 26-pin RGB-CVBS converter should, in theory, work. So either I have a dud, or there is something else going on...

I've checked for voltage on all the pins on the converter. I get constantly 2-3V from each R, G & B from the factory 26 pin harness. Even with ignition off. Not sure if this is correct? I get 1-2V across the RCA out pins except when I select reverse then I get 0V. There is a good chance this is the problem, but why this is happening I have no idea. I might try another converter from a different supplier in case this is the issue all along. Anyone recommend one they know works?

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Re: RCD330+ OEM Camera Connection
« Reply #3 on: Today at 10:56:26 pm »
From VW water-cooled forum (Aus):

kamold said:
03-02-2018 04:47 PM
Ok so I had a quick at this today.
6RD 035 187 B running sw 5314 in a B6 Passat with highline RVC controller.

The issue is that the head unit actually tries to talk to the RVC module, but the RVC has incompatible software and logs a fault saying as much.

So unfortunately the RCD330 will not work with older highline modules.
What needs to happen is the highline module needs to be bypassed, so that the composite video signal from the camera itself is fed straight to the RCD330 video input. No RGBS converters, no highline bending guidelines.

The only other solutions I can think of are:
Replace the highline module with a 7N0 module from an MY16 Tiguan (which I have done in my car connected to my Discover Media). This involves running a new harness from the boot to behind the head unit as the cabling is different.

See if there is a software solution - the RCD330G software would require an update to support older RVC control modules such as the 3C9 907 441. There is no later software for the RVC module than sw 20. This is a pretty long shot but perhaps it has been done.