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Intermittent fault - Audi Quattro TT (2006) S-Line
« on: February 21, 2018, 01:20:32 pm »

Hi Audi Techies

Took our TT in for a service in Oct last year.  At the time also had an intermittent fault where the ESP warning light (a triangle with exclamation mark) was coming on and the rev counter was fluctuating wildly at the same time. As per manual instruction, we would stop, turn off the engine and back on - and the warning light would clear. But it happened repeatedly.  The car ran as per normal (no change in engine performance) during the faulting.

At that service, the dealership noted:

Checked fault codes.
Found O2 sensor fault and dash faults.
Carry out test plan - all OK.
Clear codes and road tested.
Found all OK.
Recommend coming back if it does it again to pin.

It did it again shortly thereafter - same faults plus the oil warning light was coming on intermittently too - took it back in. Again, the engine was running normal during faults. No loss of power or anything other than lights coming on and the rev counter fluctuating wildly.

Work to fix was completed. The service invoice reads:

Checked out warning lights on.
Trace fault to no signal from G85 steering angle sensor.
Needs replacement.
Priced parts.
Removed steering wheel, air bag, trims and swith unit.
Change over steering angle sensor.
Refitted all removed parts.
Code and basic set unit.
Test drive. Recheck codes all okay.

But the same faults kept happening (always starting with the same ESP warning light, the rev counter wildly fluctuating and the oil light coming on) and during one fault incident the entire dash and all gauges went down too - and then reset less than a second later.  The clock on reset read incorrectly, as did the fuel/mileage left in tank detail.  Again, the car ran smoothly throughout the faults.

This time we have been told that the instrumentation cluster needs replacement.

My question for forum users is - if we assume that the problem is a faulty instrumentation cluster, do you think the steering angle sensor was actually ever a problem - or might that part never have been faulty in the first place, given that throughout the same ESP warning light has been coming on.



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Re: Intermittent fault - Audi Quattro TT (2006) S-Line
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2018, 04:07:15 pm »
Sounds like there is a bad earth somewhere...
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Re: Intermittent fault - Audi Quattro TT (2006) S-Line
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2018, 04:46:05 pm »
If you have the same fault coming on, then clearly there was nothing wrong with the steering angle sensor. It must be something else.

In my experience, giltraps never refunded any costs incurred in diagnosing faults. The invoices just kept coming...
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