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Audi S4 b8 minor shudder at 1200rpm


Imraan Ali:
Hi guys I am experiencing a minor shudder at approx 1200rpm, mostly on d2 only. Generally when car takes of really slowly like in Auckland traffic. Seems like the clutch on the DSG??

Any help will be appreciated. Itís not that major but I am a fussy owner lol

what year is your S4?
What mileage?
When was the last DSG service done?
Do you have sports Diff equipped S4?

Imraan Ali:
Hi mine is the 2009 B8 S4. Itís done 82km. Yes DSG serviced and mechatronic unit changed too. The shudder is very minor but I am a fussy owner. Only does it around 1200 rpm on d2. 

Eurosurgeon reckon itís the clutches.

I would also be advising that it's the clutches at this point.
Ever get anyone to do a clutch adaption at all?

Imraan Ali:
Yes Clutches adaption has been done. Eurosurgeon has put in new clutches and the problem has gone. Well so far so good. Will update forum after a weeks driving. Thanks everyone


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