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Audi S4 b8 Bluetooth media streaming


Imraan Ali:
Hi guys i have a s4 b8 import want to make it Bluetooth enabled and play media. Have been quoted $1k for this. Is there a cheaper option out there?? Or something I can purchase of eBay etc to connect my phone etc too??

Imraan Ali:
Can anyone help here??

le mans:
Not sure about the tech in B8, but xcarlink may have a solution for fairly small change.

Tune2air is the best option for the B8. Plugs into the AMI slot and then you connect to it, limited functionality via steering controls though.

If your car is after 2013 you should have the MMI 3G+ and it will stream audio via Bluetooth. If you have a 3G unit, you can change the headunit to a 3G+ with the controls for less than $1K, this also gets you new maps, google earth etc.

I have spare units for this type of retrofit, all priced less than $1k.

Imraan Ali:
Hi my car is 2009 B8 so the earlier models. Will try the tune2air and see how I go on that. Thanks


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