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the phantom:
my poor wagon doesn't get the care it deserves, regular servicing obviously but the cosmetics tend to get a bit ignored

recently a white film has appeared on the roof, possibly oxidation? the clearcoat starting to break down? see photos

I want to clear it off and I know there are several clean freaks on the forum, what's the best way to get back to a shine?  cutting compound?  other suggestions?  if it is the clearcoat I don't want to be too severe and accelerate it breaking down

thoughts, anyone?

Kinda hard to tell from those images.
But I would start by giving it a machine cut then polish. You will quickly know if it is just heavy surface oxidation or a deeper issue needing further work.
It may well be past that stage now and the clear coat has deteriorated to such an extent that it needs a re-spray.

80 Vert:
The clear coat is toast. Repaint time.

Haven't seen that before but it doesn't look good

Take it to OCD if you get a chance, they can measure the thickness of the clearcoat with a special tool they have - if there is no clearcoat left then you won't want to polish it and it will need a repaint

If the clearcoat is thick enough, then you can try cut/polish - but my gut feeling is that car needs a repaint

Out of interest - how old is the car and do you keep it inside a garage or standing outside?

Meguiars ultimate compound would be my first port of call, but i've seen this level of oxidation on clearcoat before, pretty much what happen before it peels away from the colour coat

like this

Being a large panel its not really something a can job can redo. You could respray it, but if you neglect the rest of the car it will end up the same way (especially sky facing surfaces like bonnet).

If you wanted to rangi job it, you could plastidip the roof and cut n polish + wax the rest of the car.


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