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Folding Mirrors


Gti - 6:
Any ideas how to get my mirrors in my Gti VI to fold in when the car is locked? There is the option to use the mirror adjustment knob and they fold in., but lazy each time. I know first world problems LOL Thanks

You need to replace door control modules with loads of custom VCDS coding for this function to operate correctly.

Gti - 6:
Thanks for the info

sometimes after having them folded, when I use the knob to move them back they will stay folded for 20 seconds lol even though I'm already driving and the knob has been moved back to its central position

additionally after using the reverse left mirror down function, sometimes it will not return to the exact previous position and I have to adjust it slightly lower

to add to this, in a couple weeks I'll have the opportunity to check out coding, control modules etc on two identical cars.
One with and one without the folding mirror capability. Once I have gone thru it all, hopefully be more clear on all required coding and parts.


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