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Engine didn't turn off

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After stopping the car then pulling the key out of the dash then locking the car the wife then tells me that the engine is still going. There were no warning lights or anything.
I then unlocked the car and put the key in then drove it to the local VW dealership but they had never heard of it happening. Anyway when I stopped the car and pulled the key out everything shut down as normal and the few times after that.
Any ideas what could be causing it?
I have a 2011 b7 passat.

Might she have heard the electric cooling fan running on for a minute after engine shutdown, and thought it was the motor ticking over?

Had something like this some years ago on a VAG car. The brake light switch was faulty, it was a four terminal switch with a battery supply and an ignition supply. Some how the battery and ignition supplies would join together inside the switch. The fault was very intermittent and took some time to find.

I remember this happening on my Mk3 wagon. It had been proceeded by the radio not switching off on several occasions. A thump on the steering wheel solved both. After using CRC in the key barrel, I've never experienced the issue again.



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