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Porsche 964 1990 C4 rebuild

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80 Vert:
Since we are all looking to revive the forum again I thought I'd post up what's been happening with my old 911.
Been sitting for a few years while I tried to finish the T34 which has just dragged on an on, we are very very close now though and it was high time something happened with the 964.
Decided to do things differently this time by rebuilding the motor and gearbox first.
So, week before last the engine and gearbox came out. Its only done 100km so not expecting to find much but its very very leaky so early on I decided to tear the whole thing apart and inspect everything.
First job was to get it out of storage and as luck would have it the fuel pump had seized from sitting which as it turned out was a huge headache to get at, half a day later and 5L of petrol spilt on the ground it was in my hand.
Soaked the pump in degreaser over night and bench tested it, back to life!
Another epic struggle to get it back in it fired op right away with fresh fuel.

80 Vert:
Over the years I've done bits and pieces to it like fitting a 997 GT3 center muffler with custom headers and exhaust valves.
Made my own wheels, turning 16x6 Fuchs in to 17x10.5 by using BBS RS barrels and lips, still have to make the fronts as they will be 17x8.5 or 9 if they will clear the GT2 front brakes.

80 Vert:
I didn't really feel like building the motor so I contacted a fellow Porsche owner who is probably more OCD than me
and thus I trust 100% to do the job right, he had recently taken his motor apart to seal some oil leaks so had done all the research in to what sealants etc to use.
Over the last week he has completely disassembled and catalogued the motor, a few minor problems found but over all things look really really good.
Certainly seems genuine mileage looking at all the components, he questioned the wisdom of stripping the whole thing but I said take it apart, want to know what's inside so here we are.

photos are borked


80 Vert:
Should work now?
I can see them but......


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