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KR distributor cap and rotor.
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:20:25 pm »
Someone on Facebook was looking for the part number of the distributor cap for a  Mk2 KR engine.
Distributor cap. Bosch GB 921 (1 235 522 375) (comes with a black suppression screen cover 0 290 004 019) but the GB 921 is no longer available. If you remove the screen you can see a number stamped on the cap (1 235 522 370) which crosses over to a GB 883 which is common to Audi, VW & BMW. Repco tell me they can get a GB 883. (Use old screen)
I get my ignition stuff from what was Dasko now taken over by JAS Oceania in Auckland. The distributor cap part number XD 150 (need to use the old screen) and rotor XR 121 are available. ( Facet, good reproduction.)
The bosch rotor GB 899 is available. The original one is cemented onto the shaft.
The internal oil seal is 12.5x19x5mm. I couldn't get one of these. The best I could do was fit two seals behind each other. 12x19x3mm, from a local bearing & seal supplier.
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