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Dead A6 1.8T AWT engine
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:54:21 pm »
Hi All, I hope someone might be able to help me with this dilemma.

I recently brought an 2004 Audi A6 which has the 1.8T AWT engine attached to an a6m auto box.

I was told when I got it that it doesn't go and it was driven directly from the sales yard to the sellers place which is about 35km's and then it just stopped.

Well.....after filling it with water, and I mean filling it, and turning it over I saw the water shoot out the exhaust. Woohoo... :(

After pulling the head off and finding number 3 and 4 pistons both with holes in the top and the number 2 cylinder head had a broken inlet valve, I knew the guy completely lied through his teeth.

What I would like to do is be able to do a direct swap of engines however I'm having a big issue finding an AWT.

Is there another 1.8T that would be a direct swap? or am I dreaming?

I've done a lot of searching and there never seems to be a direct answer.

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Re: Dead A6 1.8T AWT engine
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2018, 08:36:36 pm »
I'm far from an expert, but what I understand is that every time there is a change to the basic engine design the engine gets another engine designation code. So while it may be easy to get a similar engine it could be quite difficult to get an exact replacement unless you can find a donor car that was made the same year and sold in the same country when new.

Because the damage to the engine you have is economically terminal, you could find a 2nd hand block, crank, head etc, (aka a long block) and maybe swap all your external components onto it. It's probably a case of "try it and find out due to all the variables" rather than a simple "yes, you can use these alternative engines as direct replacements" kind of scenario.

I assume it's a 1.8 turbo engine and your car is the 97-04 shape. These are other 1.8t engines variants also fitted to A4 and A6 - AEB, APU, ANB, AWT, ARK

Other engine codes for same basic engine AEB, AGU, AJH, APH, ARX, ARZ, ATW, AUM, AWC, AWD, AWL, AWT, AWW, BJX, BKF, BKV and fitted to these other cars - VW Polo GTI, VW Golf Mk4 GTI, VW Bora, VW New Beetle, VW Passat B5 and VW Sagitar, VW Sharan. Also on the Audi TT Mk1 (8N), Audi A3 (first gen.), Audi A4, Audi A6, Škoda Octavia, Škoda Superb (first gen.) and SEAT Ibiza.

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Re: Dead A6 1.8T AWT engine
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2018, 06:25:13 am »
I'm far from an expert, but what I understand is that every time there is a change to the basic engine design the engine gets another engine designation code.

Yes - correct... the VAG people are pretty annoying when it comes to codes and part numbers etc.

It's like on the EA113 N/A FSI engines: there are basically only 2 longblock designs: 10.5:1 (EU2) 1nd 11.5:1 (EU4) compression, and that's only done with a different piston anyway. There are numerous engine codes, and some of the changes are things like MAP-control thermostat, NOX cat or not, EU2 vs EU4 emmisions, EGR or not, Stratified/Homogenous mode or Homogenous only etc.

So each combination has a different code, but pretty much every one of the engines is the same (I've never seen and EU2 one here).

So I know NOTHING about 1.8T's, but as said above, it's very likely you can find something that's fits the same hole, but the amount of work required will vary depending on the engine you find.


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Re: Dead A6 1.8T AWT engine
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2018, 03:58:10 pm »
Hi Guys,

Thank you both for your knowledge and advice.

My main concern with getting a long block was not knowing if the cranks are the same. This would be manual vs auto and between engine models.
What I found out:
There are 2 versions
Manual – the difference being the spigot on flywheel end. These have a pilot bearing pressed into the bulbous spigot on the flywheel end.
Automatic- This has a much flatter protrusion on the flywheel end and no provision for a pilot bearing.

06A New Style- These came in all 06A blocks with internal water pump, both longitudinal and transverse. (Some codes AWD, AWW, AWP, AMB, AMU, AWM) These all have the “long”, large diameter snout. These cranks are cast or forged depending on application, and come with a windowed 60-2 wheel

So, it seems that the new style has a different style of crank wheel, and these cannot be swapped, and the ECU only recognizes one type.

I've contacted around 12 wreckers and none of them know, even that is the sort of engines they specialise in.

Looking around, my best bet would be to get my engine out and take the auto flex plate/flywheel around to some wreckers and compare.

The other thing I found out was the difference between a AGU and AWT head, there is no holes to SAI.

Best engine options for a direct swap could be AUM or ARZ.

I'll see if I can find someone with a AUM to look at and compare.

Road trip!!

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Re: Dead A6 1.8T AWT engine
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2018, 04:20:46 pm »
Lots of AUM engines about now, you can also look at AWU which is Beetle 1.8T
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Re: Dead A6 1.8T AWT engine
« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2018, 05:21:47 pm »
After yet some more searching I found this

Hope this helps others in my situation.