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Reverse Camera Coding Issues
« on: October 01, 2018, 10:23:56 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Bit of an interesting and verrry frustrating problem. I have a Golf 6 2010 Jap Import with the 118tsi engine. Highline.

I replaced the Japanese stereo with a RCD330 the 187a Desay model. Reverse camera precoded in the system, works perfect. Then I ordered a new 187b noname system from Aliexpress. Turned up today, installed and no reverse camera. I took it to a friend who has a rosstech genuine VCDS cable and software.

He activated the reverse cam, i think byte 3 bit 6 reverse camera.

Now i get the message Reverse camera not available  :'(. I know the wiring is correct as i tried swapping the units and it works on the 187a Desay but not on the 187b noname. I really want the noname to work as it has CarPlay and now Google Maps Navigation. Everything else works just fine.

Any ideas on what to do from here? Help would be much much appreciated!