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PS Fluid Alternative-MK1 TT
« on: November 26, 2018, 03:30:20 pm »
Just to keep things rolling I checked my PS fluid and found to be a tad low. Checked on what spec was required to fill and of course its something synthetic & rare. Pentosin CHF 202 to be more specific.

Did a little research and found a Penrite LDAS alternative that just happened to be on sale today for 25% off (ie $29/1 litre). 
Going to suck out as much of the old fluid as possible from reservoir and then top up with the new stuff.

Penrite LDAS is a full synthetic hydraulic fluid, designed for power steering, suspension levelling, brake, and hydraulic suspension systems. It can also be used in hydro-pneumatic suspension, shock absorber, traction, stability control systems and specialised semi-automated hydraulic actuators.


LDAS is recommended for the service re-fill or top-up of the power steering and suspension systems in many late model European manufactured prestige vehicles. It's coloured green and can be used as a direct replacement for OEM LDS fluids, or it is a ready replacement for OEM Pentosin CHF 11S and can also be used as a replacement for LHM+ type fluids. It may also be used in the brake systems of certain vehicles - please check the vehicle handbook before use.
LDAS can be used where the following OEM part numbers are specified: BMW or BMW; Fendt X902.011.622; Fiat 9.55550; Porsche; Holden/Opel Part Number 1940715 GR.4.581 or 1#93160548; Rolls Royce RR 5000; All systems that specify the use of Pentosin CHF 11S/202; Total DA/LDA; MB 345.0 fluids It can also be used in Alfa Romeo Selespeed hydraulic actuators that specify Tutela CS Speed fluid.
CAUTION: Must not be used in vehicles specifying vegetable oils, mineral fluids or conventional brake fluid.

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