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Passat V5 --- advice please
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:06:29 pm »
Today I discovered how expensive it is when a timing chain gives way. After an initial (and grudgingly acceptable) quote of around 2k for a chain replacement, tests indicate no compression in pot 1 and low in pot 2. Meaning the original notion of "just a stretched timing chain" has now ballooned to around $3.5k for a replacement motor including fitting, sundries etc.

Qualitat had outright suggested a complete rebuild with a price tag north of $4.5k. The shop where it's at are saying north of 6.

Do I a.) try source another 5-pot for less, b.) part the car out? Another brainfart suggests c.) repower with a seemingly more commonly available V6 (assuming it would plug into existing trans). I'd expect an ECU transplant would then be required.

Thoughts? It's an expense I really didn't want to think about this side of Xmas so am trying to share the load.

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Re: Passat V5 --- advice please
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 07:25:39 pm »
Is it a manual?
Depends how attached you are to the car and its general condition I think, but mk4 shape cars (especially automatics) can be had in decent condition for not much more than your quote.
Unless you are doing the conversion yourself, I think a V6 conversion will go well over the quoted 3.5k for a replacement V5 motor.
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