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Mk6 timing chain tensioner

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Hi there, got a 2010 gti mk6 and got fairly paranoid over the problematic timing chain that it may have. All is good for now but would like to do some preventive maintenance before I go ahead with a tune etc. Could someone recommend me a mechanic who can get this looked at for me and approximately how much this would cost. Thanks in advance appreciate any help provided :)

Hi, welcome to the forum. Let us know where about you are located and I'm sure we can find you a decent mechanic in the area.

let me know if you get a good deal, I'm keen to get this done too

VW dealer quoted me $1800 which is a bit much for me

I'm in Auckland

80 Vert:
Another one, you are justified in being paranoid. Just doing one now.
1200+ with genuine parts.

In Auckland but correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't just the timing chain tensioner replacement be sufficient and not a complete timing chain replacement?


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