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MMI 3GP conversion done, where do I find NZ maps?

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Hi all, i've successfully convered my jap import MMI 3GP to RoW and now are keen to track down some NZ maps.

There wasn't much info about the JP -> ROW conversion but it's the same as converting US->EUR (change language in eeprom using VCP to include at least en_GB and en_DE, then perform update to latest EU/ROW firmware) as per instructions on the net.  I ended up having to go the long way via MMI recovery as I accidently restarted after setting region to RoW and before running the update. Do not recommend getting that part wrong :)

Keen to track down some NZ maps (latest if possible).  I don't need the JP->ROW conversion so don't want to pay the 600+ people are asking for on trademe.  Anyone know where to get a hold of the latest copy for a reasonable price?


I have access to the 2018 versions for the 3G/3GP

The reason you will have had to go recovery, is not updating via user defined and ensuring all MU and MI were set to update, this will cause a problem with model numbering in the eeprom - but maps can be set to ignore this.

Hello, email sent.

yeah i didn't set that as i rebooted directly after setting internal region.  I suspect even if I had done that and still rebooted before the firmware flash I likely would've had the same issue.  When i pulled all the logs off the MMI using SD card scripts I could see it was booting fine but faulting on a 'can't find font error', which apparently only get installed on firmware update. unfortunately this meant no engineering menus were available, even though doing the key presses appeared to kick into them.  The middle dial and soft buttons just didn't function. Here's the longer version here if anyone's interested to read it.


I am going to propose a group buy for a copy of the latest 2019 MMI 3G/3GP maps, since all of the rogues in this country are still gouging us extortionate amounts to perform this highly secretive process. Much money has been paid to these people, and it's about time it stopped

EU/UK maps (and also USA) are easy to find online, but the Kiwi cartel of upgrade and retrofit "specialists" have done very well so far at keeping their copies of the software close to their chest(s)

The spirit of sharing is alive and well in most countries, but as usual we are being raped here in NZ out of sheer greed and by exploitation of the fact we are in a small market

Anyone else interested in sharing the cost of a copy?

Can't help with the maps im afraid, but will let you know if I find a copy.

Did the conversion expand the radio band?


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