Author Topic: 2010 B8 S4 - engine cooling fans super loud at normal driving  (Read 216 times)

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My partners S4 had a hiccup today, the cooling fans feeding air to the engine cooling system ramped up to super loud volume that she could hear in the cabin while driving but only lasted a few seconds after turning engine off, and was intermittent... never happened before apart from briefly during super hot weather.  I had my Vagcom equivalent app running in it this evening and the coolant temp while revving engine wasn't really reaching above 90c and dropped when I took my foot of it... I'm going to give it a good run tomorrow with the app running and monitor the temps directly but has anyone had a thermostat fail in their B8 S4 before and if so, how much did it cost to get fixed?

Car has done 131000 kms and hasn't had it replaced yet.  The water pump is a metal unit so its not going to be that, just hoping its not the well documented thermostat failure that costs a fortune!

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Re: 2010 B8 S4 - engine cooling fans super loud at normal driving
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yup I've read that... So looks like it is, has the classic symptoms of loud fan and cools down with the heater on full.  Our go to mechanic will fix it for us easily; probably in the region of $750-850 depending on other consumables if it takes them about 5 hours... Not ideal but then this is the price you pay for a moderately decent sports sedan!