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New Polo 9n3 Owner


Hi everyone,

Just bought a Black, 3 door 9n3 Polo GTi (68000km on the clock).

Would like to introduce myself, because I'd think that's the right way to start.

Recently came over to Wellington from South Africa. NZ is a beautiful country with great people. keen to read and learn from the forum.
Previously owned 2001 Audi A3, 2006 BMW 120i, 2015 Fiesta ST, and now the 9n3.

Question: can someone please help me with Headlining/roof lining replacement recommendations? Got a quote for $585  :'(
Pretty bleak.


Welcome to the club boetie.

My parents moved over from Margate, KZN 14 years ago.
There are a few members in Wellyhood that could point you in the right direction, Jay, Rob, Tim???


Margate, ahhhhh, have some fond memories from the 90's   8) I'm sure its not the same place now as back in the day though.

Welly, if you were in Hamilton, could have helped with a contact, they did one of my audis roof linings for a bargain price that looked beter than factory afterward. Probably a bit far to drive.  :laugh:


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