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Audi B8 S4 tyre wear - inside edge

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Hello all

I see a few people have in the past commented about inside edge tyre wear on the quattro cars. I have a 2011 S4 sedan and it certainly wears a thin (a cm only) on the extreme inside edge. Hard to understand how this is a contact area to get to the most wear. The car is not driven hard in corners and the tyres are rotated every 10K. I'd say that it is the rear suspension that is doing this more than the front. The previous set of tyres on the car when I bought it three years ago looked OK, but had the same extreme inside edge wear that was hard to spot without taking the tyre off.

The car is serviced by an Audi dealer and they do the alignment every service, so I guess there is nothing wrong in the settings, and maybe this is just a 'feature' of this quattro design? The car was optioned with 19' wheels when new so the tyres are 255/35/19, and I've run the pressures on the door plate - 36/33 ... and a few more pounds when on trips with more people or load. Running higher pressures just tends to make the car too harsh with general road conditions.

I can't complain about the overall wear of the tyres though - Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 3's - as they are up to 44,000km and only just getting close to the wear indicators, with even wear across the tyre. Because of the extreme strip of edge wear I'm getting some v5's F1's to replace them. It will be interesting to see if the specialist tyre place I'm going to use will find any issues in the alignment as the car is about to finally run out of factory warranty. If there is a fault I will want to talk to the dealer soon. They have already told me that the see a lot of this inside edge wear on Euro cars with wider tyres...

No other A4/S4 people out there with ideas on whether there is a fix for the weird wear?



This wear is due to the 4wd system. It happens when you do any turning. The tighter the turn, the more it will scrub the inside edge. If you are 44k on the tyres, then that could just be from parking the car and moving around your driveway.

Had this too, part of the game
Reality is the tyres are probably due anyway, no need to run them down to slicks

The old q7 was really bad for this

Some people have reported good results from uprated controls arms - Iíve got a set myself but yet to fit them.

Accepted the inside wear as a side effect of the camber on the suspension.

Thanks for the comments folks. Sounds like itís not an unknown problem for the 4WD cars. I didnít see it with my previous B7 3.2 Avant, but the tyres were not wide or very low profile on that car. New F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres ordered. Thanks again.


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