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URS4 Avant:
Evening, just putting this as a query at this stage. I decided that my perfectly performing urs4 needed more performance and purchased a chip set for it. Have given it to a person who i thought could perform the surgery without any problems. He has had two goes at it now and the car has turned into a lawn ornament. I can see both of us are loosing hope, although he is going to have another go at it.
So has anyone got a spare ecu from one of these cars, mine is a 93 s4 manual with no immobiliser. ECU no. 0 261 200 465/466

Thanks Kev

might these help?

A complete ecu is worth quite a lot of money anywhere on the planet

I have an ecu here, but it stays with harness and engine, for sale complete sorry

URS4 Avant:
Blast, i saw you were wrecking that car and had some hope! Fair call you are selling complete. Im down but not out! Hopefully can resurrect what i already have. I have just seen a fair few s4/s6 cars go through trademe recently looking like they will be used as parts. Someone will have an ecu im sure. Also my 1st gear in the early 6spd box is getting a little noisy.. Not selling the g/box are you?

Something will turn up for you

The trans is for sale but un-driven, for obvious reasons if you saw the pics showing the state of the car when I rescued it from an untimely death in the crusher

It was definitely in regular use before being parked up with ignition issues, because I used to drive past it every few weeks

I will be looking for top dollar for the trans. Only pulled it out a few days ago and forgot to take a look to see if it has the wide 1st-gear "bump" but being built late 1994 I don't expect to find that it has

If engine and/or trans don't yet fetch the money I want then I will just keep them as spares for mu own urS4, S2 Nothelle Avant and S2 sedan, until the day arrives that they are the last ones in captivity, if needs be!

Take a look at this for an oddity:

Not only is it a factory exchange part, but the fan!

If it works, it's cheap, but who would know


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