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Hello vaskers, I am currently on the hunt to find a mk4 r32 3dr as its been bucket list car of mine for a while now, if anyone on here is looking at parting with their one or know of anyone that is or might want to could you please either email me or send me a text. any help is much appreciated.

cheers Alex.

ph:027 521 0367

Happy hunting. Fingers crossed!  ;D

If you can find a well looked after well maintained example then it will be one of the best car ownership choices of your life.  8)

No luck yet?

A while back i was on the hunt for the only tornado red mk4 R32 in the country, owner never listed it on TM as he said he would so i lost out on that one.  :(

Keep browsing on TM and Farcebook, something will pop up.

I must say, all 3 door R32's have disappeared from the market place, haven't seen one now for sale for quite a while. Occasional 5 door still pops up. Guys are starting to hold on to them 3 doors now.


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