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Hello, I have a 2011 Japanese imported Audi A1 which I have converted European languages, full New Zealand Radio, latest NZ Maps and all is working very well. The one thing I can't seem to work out is the Driver Information System (DIS) which only shows the car's computer, any warning messages and navigation. On UK and NZ new models, you also get the radio menu and telephone menu (see attached photo). I have looked through control units 09, 17 and 56 with VCDS and OBDeleven but can't see any long coding or adaptations to enable them. I've even run a VCDS scan on a NZ new car to see if I could find the relevant config there but can't find anything. As far as I can tell, the instrument clusters look the same and should have the same capabilities. If anything, the NZ new units (which look heavily crippled with their RMC units) would be less capable. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

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Re: Audi A1 2011 Japanese Imported DIS (Driver Information System)
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Ok, great news. For someone else trying to get this working I found the answer. This applies to all Japanese Imported Audi A1 cars from 2011 and possibly to current.

By default the DIS (Driver Information System) may only give you the Car Computer and Navigation by pressing the left and right keys on the multifunction steering wheel.

If you want to enable Radio and Telephone display and controls you need to enable the 'Green Menu' - plenty of information our there on how to do that on a 3GP MMI.

Go into the 'Green Menu' and navigate to: /diagnose/coding/kombi

Untick / clear all of the boxes (so they show a hollow green box):

High Kombi
Audi (Off)
Telephone (Off)
Navigation (Off)

Reboot your MMI (Tone/Large Selector Dial/Top Right Selector Button) and turn your car off - remove the key from the ignition for 15 seconds. When you put your key back in turn it to position 2 or start your car. The left and right button will now show the Computer/Navigation/Radio/Telephone and you can manage them from the steering wheel. I hope this helps someone, all too often people post questions like this but never come back and document the answer. Enjoy.
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