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Help Needed Tyre Pressure Sticker and Air Conditioning
« on: October 12, 2020, 11:18:00 am »
Morning all. I'm restoring a late 1989 German built (early 1990 registered) early big bumper RHD Mk2 16v Golf and need help with a couple of items. I apologise in advance if I'm fussy but like my cars best how they were delivered from the factory perhaps with some period modifications. Can owners of circa 1990 GTIs both 8v and 16v check the back of the front passenger door jam on the B Pillar for the tyre pressure sticker. It seems there were quite a few options for tyre pressure stickers but I can't find the one for early big bumpers that had the two tyre/wheel options below:

185/60R14 82V
185/55R15 81V

My sticker has torn in the bottom right hand corner were the part number for this sticker would have been that makes matters identifying the correct one harder still. I'm based in Auckland so if local I could perhaps arrange a scan or even if outside of Auckland the part number would help me a great deal.

Also my car had factory air conditioning "fitted" that is a rare option for these. I say "fitted" as I received most parts in a big box and not on the car. If anyone with a Big Bumper with Factory air conditioning is based in Auckland I'd love to have a look over it to start to be able to source the correct parts. RHD cars are different to LHD for a lot of the parts and Europe including the UK is focused on the LHD drive cars.

South Africa may be a great source for these parts but I'm not sure how these cars differ if at all. I'd love to see an executive (I think they were called) South African Golf or Jetta

Thanks for all your help in advance. Happy motoring.

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Re: Help Needed Tyre Pressure Sticker and Air Conditioning
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2022, 07:16:43 pm »
Hey J75

I just read this. Are you still searching? I can flick a picture if you need it.