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rear shocks advice needed
« on: October 21, 2020, 12:13:22 pm »
situation: Mk4 wagon, lowered 50mm at the rear, bumpstops dead and dying

I'm pondering doing the shocks at the same time, but wagon shocks are different from hatch, a LOT of google hasn't shed much light except for Koni specifying part no. 80-2761 for the Bora and 80-2815 for the wagon, no-one else seems to differentiate

Bilstein just says B4 or B6

the next question , are standard length shocks OK with the lowering? or am I just over-thinking it?

so, can anyone shed any light? or someone who might give non-cowboy advice? I understand Chris Rawson ex Centreline is trading as Techdrive Suspension, has anyone worked with him in this guise?

thanks as always
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