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Not wheel bearings
« on: November 21, 2020, 04:04:05 pm »
Concerned with a growing rumble coming from the right rear of the Mk5 wagon, I prepped myself with wheel bearing kits for left and right, new caliper carrier bolts etc before tackling the job. Not have a clear schedule, I ultimately took it to Prestige out in Botany.

Just as well I did, as it seems that I could've save my self some stress and bother. The bearings are fine, it's the Bridgstone Optilifes. They're out of round on the inside. 3 proud spots on the right and 2 on the left. He suggested that the wheels and tyres are not right for the car and that would be the cause. 

The wheel issue is something I knew about, but hadn't really delved into it. At some point, someone swapped what would've been a set of 7Jx17 ET54 Classix (shod with Bridgestone 225/45) with 7Jx16 ET37 Road America (shod with 205/55) from a B5.5 Passat.

Given the large difference in the offset, I'm inclined to agree with the mech's comments. So I've now been refunded for the bearings I bought, I can now shop for the correct size wheels and tyres. I'd love to go crazy and get some 18s or 19s, but I don't think she who puts her makeup on in the mornings would be thrilled, so the stock 17" would be my limit.

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Re: Not wheel bearings
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2020, 09:43:31 pm »
my VR6 had scalloping on the rear tyres, sounded like town and country's, turned out to be caused by the shocks which were worn out at the normal ride height position, but were OK for the rest of the travel so it didn't show up in the bounce test
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Re: Not wheel bearings
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2021, 10:01:39 am »
Went through the same thing, as I heard rumbling from the rear under low speeds which I thought were wheel bearings starting to go. Turns out my rear tyres were scalloped on the insides, and the tyre place told me my suspension bushes and shocks seem fine. It's just that I didn't rotate the tyres early enough. Not sure what to believe, but no rotation in 24000kms probably did play a part. What a waste though, since the rear tyres still had plenty of tread left. Just for kicks I rotated them myself last week, and the rumbling noise is worse now that the scalloped tyres are in front. Will be replacing the whole set soon, just got a set of RE003's for a great price.