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Do you spend your long weekends fixing these damn cars?


Haven't done any maintenance for a while so with Auckland anniversary weekend a good time to fix a few things..

My steering wheel was shaking a bit too hard when braking at motorway speeds, I changed the front brake rotors last year or the year before but I left the old brake pads on they were still more than half good.. I thought I was sure it was the rotors but I took a punt and just put on the new pads, bleed the brakes and they are good as gold with no more shaking.. I hope it is fixed..

That damn short piece of coolant hose under the intake manifold that comes from the turbo was starting to bulge and was leaking, I changed it about 10 years ago. Requires removal of the intake manifold for easier access. It's a 10mm ID hose about 160mm - 170mm long. Just picked up some random hose from supercheap and cut it to length. No doubt it will start leaking somewhere else now..

Thought I had a boost leak for ages, I noticed some slight oil seepage under the oil filler cap.. I replaced the old hard rubber with a new soft one, the shhhh noise went away.

Oil change a couple of weeks ago.. That's it for now unless my weeping power steering hose finally blows..

89 Coupe:
I had that short coolant hose you speak of pop on my old S6 when I was pulling up the driveway at my old man's house many moons ago.
That meant an impromptu stay for my car for a couple days while I sourced some hose from my house and made my hands small enough to reach under and around everything that was the intake manifold without removal (very painful I remember).

I replaced mine with silicone for longevity for what it's worth.

Just spent the entire weekend making / repairing wiring loom in my E34, I'm planning to finish it on Labour weekend.

I think it's just a euro thing.....  ::)

Ditto on the silicone hose...don't really want to have to replace it again

Arg now my head liner completely fell down.. damn


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