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Conundrum - to keep or to sell

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Hey guys
I have a bit of conundrum.
I have a 2010 Passat 125kw TDI 4motion Variant. It's pretty rare. It's got sportline trim, so it sits a bit lower, has a R36 esque front grill etc.
175k on the clock
It's pretty tidy overall, but could do with a bit of paint tidy up here and there. Nothing serious though
Engine is strong and runs great
BUT - DSG is playing up. It appears it is needing a clutch pack and a flywheel done. Mechatronics seems to be in order.
And yes the DSG has been serviced recently
With a bit of shopping around for parts and labour, I should be able to get that done for around $4k
It's still entirly drivable and is almost 100% fine after an adaptation.... for a while.
After a while though, it starts hard shifting.
I partially blame my driveway for this. I have a horrible steep driveway that seems to trigger the hard shifting. It needs to ride the clutch a bit to get out of the top of the driveway. It seems to be fine if I don't go home. (maybe I should just not go home  8))
Also parking with the car in a nose down angle causes reverse not to engage properly and a DTC (Unexpected Mechanical Disengagement)
Again, this is currently manageable. Turn car off, put it in park, start car, put it in reverse, wait for clunking to stop. Clear DTC and do an adaptation at some point.

Aaaanyway. It it worth saving this thing and getting the DSG up to scratch again, and keeping for another 50k km or is it time to put it on the market and let it go while the current setup is still functioning to a fairly acceptable standard and let someone else deal with it.

I have VW center caps now at least.

I'd ditch it and get something with a proper transmission


--- Quote from: brian on February 16, 2021, 02:44:16 pm ---I'd ditch it and get something with a proper transmission

--- End quote ---


Then the question becomes one of what can you get for under $15k with the practicality that I get from the wagon? The only thing that really comes up is a XD Atenza wagon.


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