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surprise surprise...a transmission question!


Hi all
I'm already in love with my new/old [1999] A6 quattro wagon -and it drives really well,,,,except when using tiptronic on steering wheel or on lever; there is a loss of power and I guess slipping-on one hand its no big deal in itself-I don't normally use anyway-but my question is whether this is then a warning that the transmission itself is faulty -or is it just to do with tiptronic? And does anyone know of a good Audi mechaniv here in Dunedin -I might need him! [presuming it's not a her!]
Cheers and thanks

le mans:
I can't help with the mechanic but vask member pixo (;u=101985) lives down that way (or did a few years ago) and might be able to help in that department. Shoot him a pm maybe?

Thanks! Have done as you suggest,
Cheers, Dave


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