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1992 100 parts for sale

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Wrecking a 1992 '100. Has been sitting on the lawn for a couple of years but was going at the time. Came off the road because I could not get the brakes working proper. Has excellent newly skimmed rotors but probably rusty by now. Good radiator. The Camshaft Position Sensor has only done a few k's. Most parts available.

89 Coupe:
Hi there,

I could be interesed in a few bits. Any more details on the car location, colour, engine + gearbox model?


I am in Auckland. Car is a dark blue colour, 2.8, auto but I don't know the model. I am not good at photos but will try in the weekend and also try to find the auto. trans code.


Do you have the paint code , also what sort of condition is the bonnet in ? Thanks

can you post photos of the body, interior, engine bay?


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