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Hi. Is there anyone out there interested in my 1985 Audi 200TQ? I am selling it to make way for a new project.

If I has space and spare cash , he'll yes :)
Out of curiosity, do you have an idea what these might be worth now?

I am told a well sorted one would be around 12,000. I am asking 8,000 for my one. It has had a full engine rebuild and everything else in the engine bay (and i mean everything, right down to the windscreen washer pump) came out and had the same treatment at he same time. The manual gearbox has had all seals replaced and a check over. Same for the rear diff. The suspension and brakes on all four corners has also had a full rebuild. As a result it runs like new and like it should. It does have its faults, the sunroof tilts up but it wont slide back into the roof, i have another whole roof to replace with, and the air con does not work, not my thing and not my daily driver so not worried. The paint is good but not great.
The interior is all there and all works and in tidy condition. There are a heap of spares etc that the next owner is welcome to including another running 200TQ, this one has no interior.
I have photos of the whole rebuild. There a few pics on another post i put up previosly. Feel free to ask any questions.

Good luck , hope it all goes to a good home

No 200 has been worth 12,000 for at least 25 years.

As well its the early model with the sh#te dash.

good luck with the sale, but I doubt u will get more than 4 grand.  :) 


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