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Clips Needed for Door Waste Moulding AND Door Handle Gaskets

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John Stokes:
The Coupe quattro is coming back together and looking sharp in its new coat - the original red colour.

We need some clips to hold the door waste moulding in place.  That is the name for the long, this moulding at the base of the windows on the doors.  (I guess the 4-door cars have the same thing on front and rear doors.)

Does anyone out there have some of these tiny clips please?

And, exterior door handle gaskets in reasonable condition.

(027) 5379491

These are the ones I think?

Possibly might have the gaskets.

i might have some gaskets, i'll take a look in my spares. got any pics of the CQ please John?

John Stokes:
Thanks gentlemen!  Your help is appreciated.
Rob - I think they're the ones - I'll check though.
I will try in a moment to put a photo up of the car - but I've not had much luck - no luck, in fact! - doing so in the past.


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