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Kia Ora,

I have a 2000 Golf GTI. I have had it since approximately 2014. I love it. It is pretty much all that I need in a car.
My son and I have recently replaced the radiator, removed the ac plumbing and replaced the trans cooler o rings.
All in all the car is in good condition. Usual headliner sag and a broken glove box handle. 290000km approx.

The transmission is mucking about.....
The oil level is fine.
At present, I am not getting 4th gear. If I select Drive, the car appears to start off in second or maybe third and will not shift any higher.
If I select 1, then she will launch like a rocket and stay in 1.
I can then select 2 when we speed up and the revs grow.
I can repeat this and change up into 3.
When in 3, I then select D (drive) this when she stays in 3rd gear....
I would like to fix this issue!
Firstly I like my car, secondly I am stingy and don't like paying people to do jobs that I can do myself!
Thirdly, my default setting is to try and fix things when they break!

My thoughts are as follows:
1. Source a manual box and go through the process of installing......
2. Fix the transmission....

This is where I would love some advice!!!

I am (possibly naively) hoping that by replacing one or two solenoids and maybe the wiring loom that connects them, I will solve the problem...

Please, I invite discussion!

I am in Hamilton.
I also have a 73 Beetle and ride a Buell xb9r...
I am a boilermaker/Welder now working as a Tech teacher.
I am happy to lend my skills or expertise to like minded people if they need it in return.
I am possibly mad as well :)

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there's a wealth of info on VW Vortex so have a stooge around there

my 2000 2-litre wagon has a Beetle 5 speed box, installed when it was imported

good option might be to look for something like this to mix and match

this forum is a bit tired sadly, there's a facebook page but that seems to be mostly younger guys hopping up newer cars
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